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by Emrym

You are a great difficulty
The only one that I want
Close to my heart, where my desire is near
Not an object, no dear, greater than what is clear

Not a prize to be obtained
Not a storm to be tamed
Not a rose cut of from its roots
Not a garden where one loots

You are a breeze ever flowing
That in my days may I continue to pursue
And even then, you are the gleam of the radiant sun
Where the warmth is felt in light

Not some kind of angel
But a reflection of a self
Not some kind of comfort
But a burden to be sung

Sung till the end of my days
The dear obsession of mine
Like a song that exists only in a time
Only to be sung again.

And again I shall sing
And I shall make music in the wind
For that maybe my only hope
To flow with you
This one I found lying around haha. Enjoy

by Emrym

Poison, poison
The world is filled with poison
Breathe it to death
Poison like fumes
Coming out of the air

That is the world
A bowl of poisons
Mix and match for all occasions
Choose your sip
Sip it well

Poison, poison
The world is poison
Choose your life
Choose your death
Choose the poison, you won't regret
So I was thinking of this concept where we live in a world of poisons, each with different undertakings that can be thought of as a way of life but like any poison we will reach our death.
Batgirl by Emrym
Batwoman? idk hahaha just a quick digi-paint a few minutes ago. (possibly 30min - 1hr idk) A kind of "break" from another digipaint I'm working on.

And wow this is my first post since forever (I've never been active in DA really ahaha)

I hope someone likes this.

  • Listening to: John Legend & The Roots
  • Reading: Nothing right now
  • Watching: Nothing :L
  • Playing: NOthing!
  • Eating: Noth...I am kidna hungry :o
  • Drinking: Water later
Well hello whoever is watching me hahaha.

Been inactive recently (not like it's something new) but I got into using the tablet a bit now (hence the flood of unfinished WIP stuff ahaha)

Anyway I asked my classmate who recently had a deviant art account :iconjeanyanga: to make a art colab thingy with me. Never really know about these art colab thing so its a first. I just wanted to do something with someone for a change. What I did say was I was gonna do the line art and she would go design whatever she wants with it. She's a pretty cool artist so if anyone actually see's this go and watch her.

Haha peace out~


Being Naive
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! I'm Emrym~

I'm (going to be on July) a 1st year college student

I like a wide variety of art from digital to traditional, literature, photography, music and even cooking (yep I consider it an art XD).

I love playing video games, drawing, playing the guitar, singing, eating and doing nothing all day.

Drawing is a passion of mine. Ever since I got my hands on pencil I couldn't stop thinking about the next thing that I'd draw.

Right now I'm still a newbie(?) per se. No training and stuff and I don't practice that much. I know I need to try harder to improve because this is what I like to do and I believe that this is the right path for me, an artistic path.

Tada that's it~

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AHAHHAHA loool wazzzepjejebeckerbushbrah ahahahha

well dati pa yan eh, nung mejo active ako. Now i'm just floating around.
07angel-of-peace14 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Hi bro~

New DA

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heya~ nice name XD it has the number I like and the number I hate haha. Welcome back to dA >:D
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It my bday lol XD

gonna post stuff/drawings after vacation :D

1 set per week

baka matapos ko na rin c jiaozhu by that time (Baka lng) huehue

thank u sa add ulit
Emrym Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aahahhaha tagal na nung jiaozhu ha ahah finish her XD
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zematerid Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Took you a while to reply, no? Haha

Hi, Mich! How's your artsy-fartsy life?
Emrym Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya haha sorry I just replied now, Im not to active in dA ohohoh but I've been posting poems so yeah. haha
zematerid Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, sir.

It's me.


Just joking, passed by to say hi, Mich!
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Thank you for the favorite on Lithium; I appreciate it. 
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